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family style catering is project dear to our hearts. We’ll prepare high-quality food, drinks and coffee for your party, conference, workshop or wedding with passion and love. all the ingredients are selected with an emphasis on a fully sustainable and ethical approach in modern gastronomy hand-by-hand with food styling, dishes, and entire wedding, party or event concept. 


we do care what we are wearing during your big day, how the catering tables or food labels design looks like. we are enthusiastic about our work and serious about the details, because we know it matters.


we believe in mutual tolerance and respect, that why you can enjoy our catering dishes togehter with vegetarians, vegans as well as lovers of high quality meat produced by organic farms committed to animal’s well-being and ethical care.


we love that unforgettable moments when our work meets, or even exceeds your expectations.


let us know via form below if you wanna order our awesome catering. well get back to you soon!


do you search wedding or event agency? have a look on our sister project WE CONCEPT

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